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The Mineral Cube Basket

The mineral cube is one of the secrets
of Vitalizer Plus water system.

The cube reintroduces key nutrients found in nature that are removed during the processing of tap or bottled water.

The mineral cube in Vitalizer Plus reintroduces nature’s nutrients (Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium to name a few) back into the water to help convert it to its characteristic hexagonal structure and increase alkalinity. Calcium is the most predominant mineral in the mineral cube. It is provided from coral calcium— a natural form of calcium and other minerals. Coral calcium also contains other minerals in a balanced blend provided by nature. Tourmaline is also included because it adds negative ions and far infrared Frequencies that resonate with the frequency of the water. It naturally alkalizes the water and helps to structure the water. Instruction for Mineral Cube Replacement

  • Replace the mineral cube when “CC” (change cube) appears on the display. Place the new cube inside
    the bottom of the pitcher, then turn the cube clockwise to secure it properly inside the pitcher.
  • Fill the whole pitcher with water.
  • Run the machine for 9 minutes to clean the cube.
  • Throw the water away.
  • To clear previous minutes used, press the minute and start/stop button simultaneously for 2 to 3 seconds.
    CL (clear) will appears on the display.

You are ready to use your Vitalizer Plus Water System. Note: To take out and unlock the cube from the pitcher, turn the cube counter clockwise.